Best Craft Sets for 5-Year-Olds

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This set includes 10 different dinosaurs that are 5 to 7 inches tall. There are two sets of water-based primary color paints, as well as a mixing pad that helps children mix the paints to get their desired colors. This is a great way for children to practice their creative and painting skills, especially on a new three-dimensional figure. There are endless ways to paint any dinosaur, allowing for hours of fun. The 10 dinosaurs are perfect for sharing with friends and siblings, too.

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With colorful ribbons, bows, flowers, feathers, pom-pom balls, gems and even a butterfly, children will have plenty of materials to make beautiful, fun and creative headbands. There are 10 satin headbands that can be styled in any way. Children as young as 5 will love to decorate something they can wear and be proud of. These headbands are a great way to work on creative and artistic skills, as well as independence and self-expression.

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Stencils are a great option for children’s art projects. They give young children a simple way to create a range of interesting and unique drawings as they sit down to trace and color in different shapes. With this set, children are exposed to over 300 different designs featuring everything from the alphabet and geometric shapes to different kinds of animals, dinosaurs and much more. One of the things we love about stencils is how they can help children with the development of their fine motor skills as they use pens or pencils to create their designs. The stencils in this set are made from BPA-free plastic. It is recommended for children ages 4 and up.

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Building a terrarium is a great way to teach children over 5 about the basics of science and plant life cycles. With this kit, children receive a plastic jar, lid, organic chia and wheatgrass seeds, potting mix and decorative items such as figurines and river stones. Kids will have fun assembling the terrarium; however, the real fun comes afterward when they get to watch the plants spring to life in as little as three to four days. This is an especially great option for parents wanting to encourage creativity while also stimulating an interest in science.

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Children who love Disney will love the chance to create their own unique jewelry items featuring some of the brand’s most iconic characters. Included in this set are five silicone necklaces, beads in a range of colors and character charms. Famous Disney princesses are featured including Tiana, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel. Sitting down to string together the necklaces not only encourages patience but also helps with fine motor development. One of the great things about this set is the durability of the pieces. The necklaces are easy to put together and take apart, so children can create their own unique designs over and over again. This set is ideal for children ages 3 and up.

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The Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art kit is a simple craft set that includes everything needed to create up to 12 suncatchers. The fun designs include a smiling sun, a rainbow and a butterfly. The set comes with a base for the suncatchers, paint, markers, cord and suction cups. An acetate sheet and design booklet are also included to help children design and create their own window clings. In addition to building fine motor skills, this set is great for encouraging children 5 and older to express themselves and think creatively.

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Five-year-olds who love working with their hands to create jewelry and other accessories will love this kit. It provides over 80 pieces, including butterfly shapes that can be layered for a 3-D effect. In addition, the set includes dangling charms, rhinestones, glue and six necklaces. This kit is simple to use and the necklaces are easy to put together. Yet it’s still challenging enough to help stimulate a child’s problem-solving skills as they work to assemble their own designs.

Expert Commentary

“Completing a craft is not just a one-time activity. Kids can make projects that they can return to and admire — or even give as a gift to a loved one. These projects will allow your child to put all their artistic and creative skills together to create something long-lasting.”



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