Best Craft Sets for 3-Year-Olds

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This garden building set is fantastic for working on a variety of skills and thought processes while still being a fun activity that can be repeated over and over again. There are 98 pieces in this set, consisting of assorted flower petals, stems and stamens. Children can work on their color and shape recognition and explore how different shapes and colors work together. Because all of the parts are interchangeable, there are endless possibilities; flowers can be assembled and disassembled easily. Children can also learn to recognize different types of common flowers, such as petunias, lilies or daisies.

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This set has 120 pieces, including assorted petals, stamens, stems, ground pieces and flower pots. Children can create their own gardenscapes indoors or outdoors. These pieces are made from durable, colorful plastic and easily snap together. Once assembled, flowers can be taken apart and stored in the plastic box or rearranged into a new flower. There are three cute flower pots included, and the green ground pieces can snap together to make almost any shape of garden pattern. Because the pieces are plastic, they can be wiped clean if they become dirty.

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This kit contains a ton of crafting materials so that kids can create up to 16 different art projects — or more, if they get creative. Kids will be kept busy learning how to apply stickers and glue paper together, which can boost their fine motor skills as they prepare for preschool. The sound of the tissue paper crinkling and the bright colors of the pipe cleaners will keep them engaged as they interact with the items. The variety of options provided makes this a kit that can be used multiple times. A bit of adult supervision is required, but children will develop more confidence and independence as they complete each craft. This kit is recommended for children ages 3 and up and is a Parent’s Choice Approved award winner due to its versatility.

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The EVNEED Paint Sponges for Kids kit features a range of brush styles for kids to play with as they explore and learn about art. These include different sponge textures mounted on sturdy handles along with sponges in different shapes such as a heart, butterfly, flower and tree. With so many options, kids will have plenty of ways to experiment while also picking up valuable shape and pattern recognition skills. This set is particularly great for 3-year-olds and suitable for all children ages 2 to 6.

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With the ToyVelt Clay Dinosaur Toys Set for Kids, children can combine different colors of clay in the numerous molds, including those for volcanoes, plants, fossils and five different dinosaurs. Working with clay is terrific for helping children build their fine motor skills. And as they create, kids will also have the opportunity to begin learning about different dinosaurs. This set is great for any child ages 3 and older.

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This Dab and Dot Markers Washable Dot Markers Pack comes with eight vibrantly colored markers, making it great for teaching little ones the basics of color. The large barrels of the markers include an easy-grip feature that’s perfect for smaller hands. Though similar in design to other types of paint markers, these don’t leak and the ink dries quickly on the page. This is a great marker option for children ages 3 and older.

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This activity set, which contains 46 colorful buttons and 10 pictures, is a great way for young children to strengthen their fine motor skills, develop hand-eye coordination and prompt creative thinking. Kids will also develop color and pattern recognition as they complete each work of art. The buttons are large enough for little hands to grip as they pop them onto the picture sheets, which include images of sailboats, trucks, trees and more. The materials are durable and well-made, allowing them to hold up well without cracking, bending or tearing over time. This activity is recommended for children ages 18 months and up.

Expert Commentary

“These activity projects are great starter kits for toddlers; very simple and a great introduction to arts and crafts.”



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