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Best Craft Sets for 10-Year-Olds


Whether in search of something to do during the summer months or a way to spend a rainy day, craft sets are always fun and exciting for kids. In addition to their entertainment value, craft sets can teach children a range of valuable skills. From learning science basics to trying out new artistic endeavors, there are plenty of options available. The options we’ve chosen are great for 10-year-olds as they are a little more challenging than some of the other craft sets out there, so they will help to promote learning and problem-solving skills.

This kit combines several things kids love in one complete package. With this craft set, children can create a variety of different candies. It includes instructions and materials needed to make chewy jellies, rock candy, chocolates and lollipops. The set also encourages scientific experimentation, allowing children to test for sugar and learn how things dissolve. There are over 40 different experiments for children to try with this set, guided by a 56-page activity and instruction booklet. While trying the experiments, children also learn valuable lessons in following directions and problem-solving.

Best Pottery Set

Younger children often spend a lot of time playing with clay. While building items with clay is a great way to encourage creativity as well as fine motor skills, older kids may begin looking for creative options that present more of a challenge. That’s why we love this set. It includes a pottery wheel, sculpting tools and metallic paint along with two pounds of clay. Children can use the included guide to learn the basics of crafting on a pottery wheel and sculpting with tools. The set teaches children to make items such as pencil holders, jewelry holders and even smartphone speakers. Getting to build their items out of clay and then paint them afterward in a design of their choosing is a great way to encourage children’s self-expression.

This is a great craft set for sharing with friends or for spending a few hours alone creating art on a rainy day. The set includes 12 suncatcher bases along with paint and markers, plus cord and suction cups for hanging the suncatchers afterward. Additionally, acetate sheets and a design booklet come with the set. Children can either use the design booklet to spark ideas for their clings or they can come up with their own unique creations. This set is great for encouraging fine motor skills as well as promoting creative thinking and self-expression.

For those seeking a craft set that is simple to use, this is a terrific option. The Melissa & Doug Scratch Art box of mini notes is a basic set of scratch art paper along with a dispenser and stylus. However, do not be fooled by the simplicity of the set. Kids can use the scratch art paper in a number of different ways, whether they are writing memos for themselves, notes to their friends or simply doodling away. By using the wooden stylus, kids can scratch away the black matte coating to reveal the delightful rainbow pattern underneath. One of the best things about this option is that it creates little mess. Kids can pick up one of the 125 pieces of paper for a few minutes of drawing or they can spend an entire afternoon creating fun and unique designs.

Most Earth-Friendly

Alex Craft Eco Crafts Scrapbook Kids Art and Craft Activity (Toy)

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Throughout childhood, kids will be making memories that will last them a lifetime. What better way is there to preserve those memories than by letting them make their very own scrapbook? This kit contains a range of materials that can be used in a number of ways as children design a memory book they can fill with pictures, drawings and anything else they want to keep within its pages. Among the included materials are the scrapbook, stickers, paper shapes, pencils, buttons and craft sticks. One of the things we love about this kit is that everything is environmentally-friendly, including the pencils. Parents can use this eco-friendly kit as an opportunity to teach their children the importance of taking care of our planet.

Expert Commentary

“This is the age that kids’ interests and personalities really shine. One of these activities is bound to be a great fit for your kids. These activities are a great medium for fostering creativity as well as sensory and fine motor skills.”

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