Best Counter Pens

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All of the pens feature black gel ink and write with a half-millimeter ballpoint. The flexible coil keeps cords out of the way as you write, but prevents people from taking your pens.

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You’ll appreciate that these pens are easy to install thanks to the included adhesive backing.

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We like that this pen is refillable and can be easily removed from the chain to do so. The black ink is also fade-proof and waterproof for greater longevity.

Expert Commentary

For anyone and everyone who has ever lost a pen before, counter pens to the rescue! Great for businesses and offices where you need a signature for all customers, and also great for classrooms where you know you will need quick access to a pen. You’re already familiar with these whenever you go to a bank, but why not add one to your classroom as well? You won’t ever have to worry about misplacing a pen again.

What benefit do counter pens add to the classroom?

When setting up a classroom, it is key to think about how small things can benefit the environment. If students can readily access their learning tools, it helps to keep the focus on learning instead of things like finding a pen. If teachers use counter pens on the tables in the classroom, students will always have a pen at the ready to take notes and do their activities. This minor change to the classroom can take some stress off of students, so they can relax knowing they’ll have a pen to use at all times.


How can counter pens help students in school?

Students everywhere know the struggle of losing pens and pencils. Without a pen or pencil on hand, it can be hard for students to feel prepared for class. When a student comes to class without one, they sometimes feel embarrassed to ask for a pen. Counter pens give students some reassurance since they don’t have to worry about where a pen is when they need it. Providing counter pens can keep students engaged in their learning, without the added hassle of having to look around for a pen.


What can teachers get out of using counter pens?

Teaching takes a lot of work, and it often piles up — sometimes literally, with a cluttered desk with stacks of different assignments and papers to grade. Teachers can use counter pens at their desks to make sure they always have a pen ready. This can help a teacher stay on top of their grading and writing, as they won’t have to find a pen whenever they need to write. On top of that, students need written notes from their teachers all the time. By having a counter pen on the desk, a teacher can readily help their students get what they need when they need it.


How can counter pens be used in the home to help students?

As parents, it is important to figure out how to keep children on task with their homework. One way to help children stay caught up on assignments is to have a dedicated space for them to work. Not only can this provide comfort during their homework routine, but it can also help to put them in a working mindset whenever they sit down to learn. Adding a counter pen to their homework desk ensures they have a way to write on their worksheets, so they never have to get up to find a pen. By adding as much consistency as possible, parents can limit the distractions children face while doing their homework. Keeping a consistent workspace prevents kids from constantly needing to walk away for a pen or other classwork materials, helping them maintain their focus and momentum.