Best Correction Tape

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With a soft grip, transparent body and helpful rewind window, these correction tape dispensers were designed with comfort and ease in mind. There is 26.24 feet of tape per dispenser, the tape applies easily to paper and it has a matte finish, allowing it to easily be written on with practically any writing utensil.

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These correction tape dispensers come in a handy two-pack and have a transparent design so you can see the remaining tape inside, making sure you’re never left empty by surprise. The tape needs no dry time at all, so it can be written on instantly. Plus, the tape will not cause messes, tangle or fail to cover mistakes easily.

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This BIC Wite-Out EZ Correct Correction Tape dries quickly, so students can write on top of it right away. The correction tape comes in a translucent dispenser so it’s easy to see how much is left inside. Each dispenser has a nice grip that makes it comfortable to use.

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American Tombow Mono Hybrid Correction Tape easily covers many different kinds of writing, including standard rollerball ink, marker, ballpoint pen and pencil. It has a pivoting head that makes application smooth and easy. A rewind knob on the dispenser makes it possible to adjust the tape output as necessary.

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Stationery Island Correction Tape applicators are a good choice for kids learning to edit using correction tape, as this option is easy to use. The applicators come in fun colors including red, yellow, green and blue. The correction tape goes on smoothly and covers marks well.

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Mr. Pen Correction Tapes are a durable choice; the correction tape does not easily tear and goes down smoothly on the paper. Each applicator has a rewind knob to adjust the tape as needed when putting it down on the page. The applicators are designed to be easily used by both right- and left-handed writers.

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SKKSTATIONERY Jumbo Correction Tapes dry right away, allowing users to write on top of them from the moment the correction tape is put down on the page. This correction tape covers up multiple types of ink with great opacity, including gel ink, ballpoint pen ink, rollerball ink and even marker.

Expert Commentary

Who remembers the pungent white-out paint we used to use? I certainly do! I’m delighted these options have now evolved and are not so toxic-smelling and messy. These correction tapes all glide on smoothly and are portable and easy to use. They are a must for any household or classroom that uses pens. Mistakes are inevitable, so always be prepared!



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