Best Construction Paper

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Blank construction paper is a classroom and at-home staple. Young artists can easily customize their projects and start new ones. This paper is lightweight but strong, and students can color on it with crayons, markers, pens or practically any writing utensil. With 500 pages, this is the perfect pack to have on hand in the classroom for any activity.

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These heavyweight pieces of construction paper have bold colors and are great for a variety of projects thanks to their durable thickness. They come in packs of 50 sheets in a single color of 9-by-12-inch paper. This paper is designed to be fade-resistant, so students’ projects will look beautiful for ages.

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This pick from Pacon Art is a lightweight option, so it’s easy for younger children to trim and tear to make their custom creations. This pack comes with 500 9-by-12-inch pages in cheerful hues, and when children are done with their projects, the paper is recyclable as well.

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This set from Crayola contains a range of materials, giving children plenty of room to be creative. The set includes construction paper, stencils and pop-out shapes. The giant construction paper measures 18-by-12 inches, making it perfect for crafting presentations or large art pieces. With 1,800 pop-out shapes in the set, there is more than enough for a classroom full of children to enjoy crafting and creating. The stencil sheet in the kit features both letter and number shapes, making it a great tool for kids learning basic spelling and math.

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This paper from SunWorks is a thick, sturdy option that can be used for a variety of projects. It is slightly textured and is designed not to crack or crinkle, nor show glue through the colors, making it ideal for a variety of crafts.

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This construction paper is designed to hold up to creasing and curling without tearing. These large, recyclable pages come in single packs of a variety of bold colors that kids will love.

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This paper has smaller pages in a convenient multi-color pack, making it a great option for classrooms or households with kids who have a lot of creative energy to burn. The heavy pages are made to hold up to crayons, markers and gobs of glue, as well as folds and curls.

Expert Commentary

Construction paper is an amazing tool to have in your classroom — especially for crafts. These sets help with learning as children can cut out shapes, do some problem-solving or create a STEAM project. They are an especially great tool to help develop fine motor skills. The creativity with construction paper is endless.