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Best Construction Paper for Kids

School children with scissors in kids hands cutting paper with teacher for origami in class room. Development and social lerning in kindergarten. Development of fine motor skills in children.

Construction paper is used for a variety of arts and crafts. However, not all construction paper is made the same nor should it be used for the same purpose. Some construction paper needs to have a certain amount of stability in order to maintain different paints and glues, while other paper needs to cut easily or dry quickly. Versatility is key when it comes to choosing construction paper for home or school use. The following construction paper options top our list.

Best for Young Children

Pacon 9″x12″ Rainbow Super Value Construction Paper Ream, Assorted (Office Product)

List Price: $16.19 USD
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This ream of rainbow construction paper is designed for lightweight arts and crafts projects. It can also be used for guided cutting practice for preschoolers. Watercolors work well with this paper, which is also recyclable.

The Crayola bulk construction packages come with two sets of 240 pages. Each color is bound separately into a pad, so there is no need to search through for a certain color. Teachers stand by the high quality and consistency of the construction paper. It is strong but not too thick, making it easy to fold.

Best Heavy-Duty Pack

Faber-Castell Construction Paper Pad – Multi-Colored Craft Paper (9″ x 12″), 60 Sheets (Toy)

List Price: $6.00 USD
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There is no medium that the Faber-Castell Construction paper cannot handle. Children and adults alike can use crayons, gel sticks, eco pencils and various cutting utensils to create crafts and art pieces at home or school. The construction paper works well as a sketch pad and is made from 50% recycled material.

Best Classroom Pack

SunWorks Construction Paper, 10 Assorted Colors, 9″ x 12″, 500 Sheets (Office Product)

List Price: $14.99 USD
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The textured paper folds easily without cracking and allows even cuts. Colors are bright, bold and work well with any type of project. SunWorks construction paper is made from groundwood pulp, making it a high-strength and durable resource for any project. The brown sheets come in handy for nature projects. Crafting projects are a breeze with this heavyweight construction paper.

Wasted construction paper will not be an issue with this 600-page package, which offers different quantities of each color and includes more sheets than most others on the market. The heavyweight material is made from 50-pound stock paper and is sturdy enough to handle various textures and techniques.

Expert Commentary

“Almost all arts and crafts for children and students involve construction paper. If you purchase the lower-quality options the risks you run range from extra clean-up all the way to environmental hazards. I recommend a range of colors to create variety and increased learning.”

Our Expert Consultant

Emily Watts

Emily Watts is a mother of three (she has two adopted children and one foster child). She also is a licensed teacher with experience educating children in complex life situations. Emily has over seven years of experience in alternative education. She is passionate about children and specializes in helping those who may need a little extra attention or special care.