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Best Composition Notebooks For Kids

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Even though many things have gone digital these days, when it comes to writing, there’s something nice about giving kids a good, old-fashioned pen and notebook. This is especially true when it comes to things like journaling or creative writing. If you’re not excited about the idea of giving your kids or students the classic black and white composition books, you’ll be glad to learn that there are more options on the market. Check out our recommendations for the best kids’ composition notebooks.

Children will love that these kids’ composition notebooks are designed with space to draw on every page. And teachers will like the dotted midline to reinforce penmanship.

As is common with kids’ composition notebooks, this book features space on every page to draw, in addition to the lines for practicing their letters. This notebook is perfect for kids in kindergarten through second grade.

Because these kids’ composition notebooks are wide-ruled, they’re most likely going to be best for older elementary or middle school-aged children. The sturdy covers can stand up to wear and tear.

Each page in this kids’ composition notebook has six sets of lines to help children grasp the fundamentals of writing and sentence structure.

Expert Commentary

These composition notebooks for kids are designed to encourage neat handwriting with carefully-drawn margins that help with spatial learning. Several of them offer both writing and drawing spaces, so kids can make written and visual notes. The sturdy design of composition notebooks allows kids to use them all year without worrying about pages falling out, so they are perfect for jotting down notes in class. Also, the high-quality pages prevent ink from bleeding through to the next page, resulting in tidy-looking notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do composition notebooks bring to the classroom?

Staying organized is one of the many keys to succeeding as a student. Kids in school are often presented with a lot of information between all their classes, so finding a way to keep that information organized can be a big help in staying on top of schoolwork. By using composition notebooks in the classroom, kids can develop a clean and tidy way to manage the tasks at hand. Composition notebooks give kids ample space to take notes, letting them write down important information that they can look back on later. With a way to neatly manage their learning, students can soar to new heights in their academic careers.

How do composition notebooks help students learn?

It’s no secret that school comes with a lot of new information. Kids often have multiple classes, all with their respective lessons and curricula. At times, this can be overwhelming for new students. Composition notebooks can offer an elegant solution to that information overload. Not only are they good for taking notes, but they can help students keep that information separated by subject. Breaking down notes by subject can help students feel more secure about their schoolwork, without feeling like they’re missing anything. Kids can even use different notebooks for different classes, giving them an easy way to keep their notes sorted and manageable.

Buying Guide

Composition notebooks are among the most popular options for taking notes. Because of their widespread popularity, there are a lot of different options out there for kids. While you look into your options, keep in mind the specific needs of young students to make sure you find the best option for your children.

If your children like a more personalized option, look for composition notebooks that leave room for customization in their designs. Some even have whimsical and decorative themes, so finding one that matches your child’s personality and interests can help them stay motivated to take notes and get the most out of their notes. Other notebooks have simple designs, leaving out the added flair. If your child simply wants a way to take notes and doesn’t care too much about aesthetics, a simpler design can help limit distractions and keep them on top of their notes. Keep the unique characteristics of each option in mind when deciding which one suits your child best.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.