Best Composition Notebook

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These reliable notebooks have 100 double-sided pages that are wide-ruled and suitable for writing on with any pencil, pen or marker. The front and back covers include a class schedule and conversion chart to keep students on track throughout the day. The covers are also sturdy, protecting students’ work as they tote their school supplies from place to place.

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Each of these notebooks is center-sewn for durability. There are 100 double-sided, wide-ruled pages per notebook for plenty of note-taking space. Each notebook also has a helpful conversion chart in the back that is great for math and science classes. The front cover of each notebook comes in a brightly colored marble pattern and provides lines for writing students’ names and other information.

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The sewn binding gives a sleeker appearance than a typical spiral notebook. It won’t snag on clothing or book bags and it keeps pages securely in place. Additional resources are included inside the front cover, which features conversion tables, grammar rules and a class schedule. With 100 double-sided pages, you will have ample room to fit all of your ideas, no matter how big or small.

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The wide-ruled format of this notebook makes it a great choice for those needing lots of room for note-taking and drawings. The use of cardstock in the front and back covers ensures sturdy protection of your work, while also providing a firm surface upon which to write. The inside cover provides additional aid in the form of conversion charts and a schedule table.

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These composition books come in four different colors, making it easy to color-code your school subjects or share among friends. The paperboard front and back covers provide a reinforced surface for on-the-go notetaking, while also keeping your work safe during travel. The smaller size and narrow-ruled format make it ideal for brainstorming and keeping a list of reminders.

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With its wide-ruled and double-sided pages, these notebooks have plenty of room for drawing, taking notes and practicing handwriting. The cover is flexible, yet durable, ensuring that work is protected during travel between home and school or office.

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The Five Star composition book makes organizing school work easier with the included table of contents inside the front cover. It features a section for the date, topic descriptions and page numbers. An inside pocket is included in the plastic cover to quickly and easily store homework assignments. To add that special touch, the notebook also has a clear plastic cover on the front where you can add a photo or drawing.

Expert Commentary

Composition notebooks are great for school, home or on-the-go use. The advantage of composition notebooks is the design — the pages are stitched into the binding so that it is longer-lasting and sturdy. It’s especially great for those who need to keep all their notes together (rather than ripping pages out of a spiral-bound notebook). I used these for all my math and science classes where we had to record experiments and keep all our notes intact. Choose the color, variety and volume that you desire from the list above.