Best Compass

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This compass is basic and easy to use. It can make circles up to 12 inches in diameter, making it great for a variety of projects or assignments.

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This compass has an easy-to-adjust wheel and comes with extra lead, needle tip and screws, so you’ll always have a compass in good working order.

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The Mr. Pen kit comes with two compasses, including a study compass and a graphic compass. Plus, you’ll also get extra lead for the graphic compass and a handy storage pouch.

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The hard-sided case this set comes in will make it easy for kids to grab all of their tools for geometry class without forgetting any essentials. The kit even comes with a sharpener for the compass’ pencil, plus extra lead for the student’s mechanical pencil.

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The Volcanics Compass set is weighted for steady and precise drawing. Students will be able to create circles up to 10 inches in diameter with these metal compasses.

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The Offidea compass has a classic metal design that requires inserting a pencil to create arcs or circles. Because it can make circles that range from a half-inch to 22 inches in diameter, it’s ideal for students working on art projects as well as geometry homework.

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Parents will appreciate that this Staedtler compass also comes with a case that features a built-in ruler to keep children organized and protect their investment. This kit includes extra lead for the compass’ pencil tip.

Expert Commentary

Every child learning geometry must have a proper compass. There are so many options, from rudimentary, simple tools that get the job done, to more advanced sets that have add-ons. Choose what works best for your child. These are not only handy for geometry class, but also for those who may need to sketch, do drawings or anyone who wants to simply draw and trace the perfect circle. These are great for anyone doing arts and crafts, too.