Best Combination Lock

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Some lockers require a longer lock, and these come in 1.25-inch or 2.25-inch options. The four-digit codes are easy to set and there is a convenient side window to ensure the combination is accurate and correct.

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This lock is easy to set with a personal, four-digit combination. Because of its incredible strength, it can also withstand water and rough weather conditions, allowing it to also be used outside without worry.

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You can create up to 10,000 unique combinations, and you’ll appreciate that this is a keyless lock, too. This combination lock is perfect for traditional school or gym lockers or even for use around the home.

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You can create your own four-digit combination with this handy lock. You can also choose from up to 10,000 potential combinations.

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Kids will like that they can choose from a range of locks with different face colors. This classic combination lock is designed with anti-shim technology.

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The four-digit combination lock allows you to create a unique code. The side viewing windows on each dial make using this lock easy to use.

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This two-pack lock set is another digit combination lock that features four individual tumblers. You can create a unique combination, choosing from up to 10,000 possible options.

Expert Commentary

Combination locks are great to have in every household. They last forever and can be used at school, at the gym, at home, and in storage units. They are handy and great to have around whenever you need to lock up your valuables. Choose the design and functions that best suit you. Personally, I prefer the simpler versions, though others may prefer the tougher versions with extra digits to maximize security and minimize the threat of break-ins. Also, consider how you would manage the code in the event the combination is forgotten or misplaced.