Best Colors and Shapes Flash Cards

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There are 58 cards in this pack and they are designed for children 4 and up. The pack also comes with a guide and helpful tips to make practice more engaging.

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This set of 58 flashcards covers shapes, letters, colors and numbers counting up to 10 with bold colors and cute illustrations that reinforce the topics.

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These flashcards are perfect for preschool children ages 4 and up. Each set comes with 55 cards that are the perfect size for children to grasp.

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This set comes with 16 cards that are also designed to spark dialogue. Each card lists the name of the item in Spanish, French, German and Chinese, along with questions to engage little ones.

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You’ll get 54 cards in each set. Children will learn six shapes and nine colors. The rounded cards are the perfect size for smaller hands to easily grasp.

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This 82-piece flashcard set features colors, shapes, words and pictures. Plus, you’ll get five bonus cards for reviewing and learning games.

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Children will learn object associations with each shape as the cards feature everyday items that match the shape being taught. This flashcard set is ideal for Pre-K and kindergarten students.

Expert Commentary

Colors and shapes are fundamental foundations for every child to learn at the youngest possible age. These high-quality flashcards are durable, colorful and enticing. Carry these around with you anywhere, from car rides to home or daycare — flashcards are convenient to have whenever the urge for fun learning strikes.