Best Coloring Pencils for Artwork

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These pencils have strong, 3.3-millimeter tips with oil-based color. There are 24 colors in this set and the pencils come pre-sharpened.

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This set of 50 colored pencils comes with a sharpener. The premium wood is strong yet allows for easy sharpening, and the color names are printed on each pencil.

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These colored pencils are each clearly labeled and numbered so that you can easily identify the color you want to use. The set comes with four separate trays for better organization.

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These colored pencils are highly pigmented and are perfect for creating blended effects in your artwork. The strong interior cores also resist breakage for better durability.

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Stock your craft corner with this pick from Crayola. It’s a colored pencil kit that comes with fun activity sheets to keep kids occupied. They’re safe, non-toxic and great for kids 12 and older.

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You’ll like that these colored pencils are made from high-quality wood that sharpens easily and cleanly. Plus, the lead is made from lightfast pigments and is durable to resist breaking.

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This colored pencil pick comes in a collapsible folding case with each pencil having its own slot. The small size makes it ideal for storing in lockers, desktops or in a crafting corner.

Expert Commentary

Colored pencils are a must in every household and classroom. Whether you are looking to color with your kids or simply looking to take notes or write a colorful letter, these are the best options on the market. Use a set yourself and gift a set to a loved one! All the colors are vibrant, distinct and long-lasting.