Best Classroom Timers

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This timer can be set for as long as 60 minutes. When you turn the dial to set the time, it reveals a red area that slowly gets covered as time ticks down. The bright red contrasts with the white, allowing students to easily visualize how much time is remaining. This timer is simply powered by two AAA batteries and has two alarm settings: a three-second beep or a 60-second continuous alarm.

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This two-pack of timers is perfect for a variety of classroom activities. They can count up and down and have a loud alarm. The bright colors add a fun pop to classroom decor, and the digital numbers are easy to see from far away. They’re easy to set up, so virtually anyone can set one. These timers have a maximum time of 99 minutes and 59 seconds and a memory function as well.

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The Antonki timer is easy to use, as everything can be reset by pushing two buttons simultaneously. The timers come with magnetic backings so they can easily be put in a prominent place on a refrigerator, metal file cabinet or other similar surface. The timers come with energy-saving batteries capable of lasting for more than a year.

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As minutes count down on this visual timer, the expired time is represented in bright red, making this an excellent tool for children learning to count and read the time. Overall, this timer is quiet, with no ticking to cause classroom distractions. It does include an audible alarm as well, which can be turned on or off depending on your needs.

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The Learning Resources timer is easy to use and operate. It can track time periods from one minute to 100, making it perfect for a range of activities from games to spelling tests. It comes with a stand and a magnetic clip so it can be placed anywhere.

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We love this EMDMAK sand timer set, which features multiple timers that each track different amounts of time. With these sand timers, children are prompted to pay attention and focus without the use of audible cues. The range of sand timers in this set, from a minute to a half-hour, makes them perfect for various activities. The timers are durable as well as attractive.

Expert Commentary

“Each timer has a different look and feel, so you can choose the one that best suits your purpose. Personally, I have several in my house for different activities, and even use some as a cooking timer. Timers are great for teaching kids about time management. I highly recommend the sand-filled timer as it is a fun way to teach kids about time in a strictly visual, non-digital or -numeric manner.”



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