Best Classroom Set of Crayons

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These crayons meet standards that ensure they are safe for kids to use, making them a suitable choice for the classroom. With 264 crayons, there are plenty to be shared.

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The Madisi Crayon Classpack has plenty of shades of every color for fun coloring activities. There is no need to worry about them breaking in transit, as the box they’re housed in is very sturdy.

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The Crayola Crayon Classpack comes with a whopping 800 crayons, which means there are 50 of each hue in the box. These are perfect for older preschoolers through elementary school students.

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Children will like that they get vibrant colors from this set. This basic set has all of the primary colors kids need for their in-class assignments and art projects.

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When supplies run low, this class pack of 408 crayons is an easy go-to for providing kids with the basic, vibrant colors they love.

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Since these crayons come without a wrapper, they minimize the mess as children use them. The large size makes these crayons ideal for children with special needs and kids who are just learning to color.

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This case of four-packs contains a total of 576 crayons. The four-pack sets are great to give away as prizes or gifts to students or for birthday parties and family events.

Expert Commentary

As a mother and homeschool teacher, crayons — and lots of them — are a must for my classroom. Any teacher or parent knows how children love crayons, and they’re an important vehicle for them to learn and express their creativity. However, we all know how easily they get lost, broken or used up. Bulk packs to the rescue! You won’t have to worry about running out of any color anytime soon. For teachers and parents of larger households, these are a must! Choose the variety you like and the number of colors you think you’ll need. In some cases, like crayons, less is not more!