Best Classroom Paper Storage

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This wooden paper organizer is available in black, white and oak finishes and can be assembled in about half an hour. It is stylish yet functional, as it can provide as many as 36 compartments. Alternatively, you can choose other models that provide 12, 16 or 24 compartments, in order to fit your classroom needs. This is the perfect organizer for art supplies, extra worksheets, overflow supplies and more. It will keep your classroom tidy and it can easily fit on countertops, large desks or the floor.

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This paper organizer is lightweight and made of strong corrugated cardboard. It requires little to no assembly, so you can get your classroom organized quickly. It is recyclable and made from recycled materials, too. With 10 slots, you have plenty of room for storing different colors of construction paper, turn-in slots, extra worksheets and more.

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This letter tray is a terrific classroom organization tool. It features two metal bars for reinforcement, adding extra stability. It is easy to assemble, taking only a few minutes. The black mesh design gives it a polished look that helps it fit well into any classroom. The five tiers add to its organizational capabilities and ensure there is more space to keep everything managed, from spelling tests to classroom worksheets.

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This is a terrific classroom paper storage option that makes getting everything organized an easy task. It features an open design and includes labels that make it simple to identify what is inside the various compartments. Meanwhile, the rubber feet not only make the entire structure more stable, but also keep it from scratching the surface of any desk or other surface. If you’re looking for more space, this product is stackable — purchase multiple units to create even more storage for your classroom papers.

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These organizer trays offer five tiers to help you stay organized, each holding documents of up to 8.5 inches by 11 inches. The trays are sturdy as they lock in place and do not easily tip over. Meanwhile, the different colors of orange, blue, pink, green and red help add a bit of decorative flair to the classroom. The trays are also available in gray.

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This Rubbermaid organizer has a large amount of organizational power. It features removable drawers that can be labeled, making it easy to keep up with everything from spelling tests and report cards to homework assignments, math quizzes and more. It is sturdy and the bins slide in and out easily.

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This sorter from Bankers Box comes in a stylish black and white paisley pattern perfect for the classroom. The eight slots are wide and capable of handling large quantities of papers. The heavy-duty cardboard can withstand plenty of wear and tear over a long period of time. Additionally, the sorter comes with plastic channels and labels to help you come up with an indexing system for even better organization.

Expert Commentary

“Paper organizers are simple yet critical to keep all those loose papers organized. Even though the world is going digital, papers are still necessary for key tasks, lessons, homework, etc. These are all durable and heavy-duty. Choose the size and design that best suits you.”