Best Classroom Carts

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This cart has three shelves, four movable hooks and two large cup holders. It is lightweight and can support about 130 pounds of supplies. It has four small but smooth wheels, and two of them have locking mechanisms. This cart can be purchased in seven colors so it can match your classroom decor.

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This cart is made of blue steel and has three shelves. There are three large blue bins for storage and four smaller bins in different colors that are perfect for reinforcing color recognition. Both sides of the cart have three clear pouches for extra storage. There is also a large pocket chart for displaying other lessons. The casters can be locked so the cart stays in place for extra safety and stability.

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The ECR4Kids rolling cart, available in five different colors, is a great option for keeping everything neat and tidy in a classroom. Among its many key features are plastic liners for the bottoms of the shelves to ensure smaller items won’t slip out. Meanwhile, the shelves — adjustable at the time of assembly so that the cart works best for you — make it easier to put certain items within reach of smaller children if needed.

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Those seeking a classroom cart with an attractive design will love this option from Melody House. It is easy to assemble and can be put together in approximately 15 minutes. The handle is removable, which may discourage children from moving the cart and helps it fit nicely into any space.

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The DESIGNA mesh cart is a terrific option due to the fantastic storage space it offers. The mesh baskets help to ensure that smaller items do not fall through. This cart features lockable casters on two of its four wheels so it will stay in place, making it an even safer option for classrooms.

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This Giantex classroom cart is a great option thanks to its 20 drawers. The different colors make it visually appealing and also help little ones easily locate anything they need. If your tastes are more minimalist, there are also all-black and all-white options. The wheels of the cart rotate 360 degrees so it can easily be moved and rotated in any direction as necessary.

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Those in need of a basic but well-designed cart will enjoy this option from Mind Reader. It may be smaller than other choices, but the deep drawers still offer room for plenty of storage. The drawers are made of plastic and come in four vibrant colors. The shelf on top provides additional storage.

Expert Commentary

“Once you have taught a few semesters you realize that a classroom cart is a game-changer when it comes to avoiding extra trips and breaking your back. Whether moving books, moving offices, or just getting things back to your car, a classroom cart is utilized almost every day in my experience. Be sure you have a place picked out to store the cart in advance to ensure it stays close at hand for regular usage.”