Best Classroom Carpets

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This rug makes a cheerful addition to any classroom. It is great for promoting indoor physical activity, as kids can play hopscotch on it during playtime. The rug has a non-skid bottom and is easy to roll up and store when not needed. The fun patterns, colors and numbers are bold and engaging, and can be used to teach color and number recognition.

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This cute rug comes in pastel colors that will be a soothing addition to your classroom space. The alphabet along the edge can be used in a variety of activities to promote letter recognition, and the circular design makes this rug a great place for gathering the students to face each other in a circle for classroom discussions, storytime or show and tell. It is made of 100% plush cotton, which makes it soft to sit on.

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The KC Cubs classroom carpet features a colorful design that is sure to capture children’s attention. Around the edge of the carpet are the letters of the alphabet, each featuring a word and illustration to help children learn basic reading skills. Additionally, the days of the week are featured in order, and the carpet depicts the seasons, complete with art. This carpet is a great option for classrooms with pre-K and kindergarten-aged children.

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This mat from BalanceFrom is an incredibly versatile option. The interlocking pieces come in four different colors, making it beneficial for teaching color recognition. Additionally, the pieces can be rearranged in many different ways and even used to build structures such as blocks. The mat is overall quite durable, making it good for use in play areas where children might be more active. This is a great option for classrooms.

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This Kev & Cooper classroom carpet has everything needed for children to begin learning many important skills. The letters along the edges feature fun illustrations paired with words for practice with letter recognition and early reading. The numbers in the center of the carpet are illustrated, as well. Children can count one strawberry, five blocks or eight flowers to help them with number recognition. The inclusion of shapes in the carpet’s design offers an introduction to geometry that will become useful as kids continue to grow. This is a great classroom carpet for pre-K and kindergarten-aged children.

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This simple yet effective classroom carpet can also serve as a teaching tool. It features bright, colorful blocks, each showing a letter of the alphabet or a basic number. Seeing these letters and numbers is a great way for children to recognize them and put them into the correct order. Additionally, the variety of colors in this rug can help teach color recognition.

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The Flagship Carpet Dot Spots Rug may seem simple compared to others, but it still has plenty to offer. The various spots on the carpet come in different colors and are shaded in various ways. Children can learn color as well as shape recognition by identifying different circles on the rug. The blocks also offer opportunities for children to practice their counting skills.

Expert Commentary

“My first memories of letters come from the carpet in my first classroom. As a teacher, it has now come full circle as I have taught many children to read and have always had a carpet with letters to help reinforce the alphabet. I highly recommend these classroom carpets for anyone learning to read and write.”



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