Best Cardstock

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This acid-free paper will hold up over time, making it perfect to use as the backdrop to your family’s precious memories. This paper is great for not just memory books but homemade holiday cards.

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You’ll like that this is an economical set with 250 sheets, giving you plenty of paper to last through several grade levels. You can also use this paper for other crafts around the house.

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This cardstock is a standard sheet size and 65-pound paper weight. You’ll like that this cardstock is also safe for use in inkjet and laser printers. As is common, the paper is acid-free.

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This Array cardstock is safe for use in inkjet and laser printers and offers the largest quantity of color paper in our guide. You’ll get 20 sheets each of the five pastel hues.

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This pack includes 25 sheets of 100-pound paper featuring a unique design. Get children excited about art and expressing themselves with this fun cardstock set.

Expert Commentary

Cardstock is an essential for any home that does any type of creative work. Cardstock is practical for both adults and children; I’ve used it to create business cards and invitations to birthday parties and special events. Cardstock is fun for kids of all ages and many of these varieties include brilliant, vibrant colors that are easy to color, print, draw and cut. Choose the material and color that you like best.