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Best Books for 6-Year-Olds

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Your 6-year-old might already be moving ahead with independent reading, or they might still be putting all the pieces together. No matter where your child is on their reading journey, it’s important to encourage a love of reading, whether reading books on their own or with you. From books about dragons who eat tacos and a spider who makes friends with a pig to ones filled with facts about dinosaurs, kids will love these picks. This list of the best books for 6-year-olds will help you find fun books you can read together, and you might even find a series your child loves and continues to read on their own.

Best Silly Fun

Dragons Love Tacos (Paperback)

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In “Dragons Love Tacos,” children will enjoy the hilarious wording, delightful, vibrant pictures and the amusing, award-winning story itself. Who would have thought that inviting dragons to a taco party could turn out to be so funny? But beware — don’t let them eat the salsa!

In the entertaining picture book “Sam and Dave Dig a Hole,” two boys decide to dig a hole to see where it will lead them. They are looking for something spectacular, but no matter how much they dig, they can’t find anything. In the end, however, they find treasure in a manner they didn’t expect. This is the perfect story for kids who love adventure and treasure. It’s a book kids can easily read alone or together with you before they go to bed. They will be rewarded, just as Sam and Dave were, by the end of this witty tale.

Additional Info: Many kids love dinosaurs and want to learn everything they can about them. The “National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs” delivers on that promise in spades. It features amazing illustrations and facts about dinosaurs big and small. The fun facts are age-appropriate and parents can be assured their kids are learning as they enjoy reading this trivia-filled book.

Best How-To Book

How to Babysit a Grandma (Hardcover)

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Spending time with grandparents is something many kids do from time to time. “How to Babysit a Grandma” is a fun book that teaches kids about relationships. It puts the kids in charge of taking care of their grandma for just one day, and shows them what she does to take care of them. An entertaining and delightful read, this is one that should be on every young child’s bookshelf.

Best Classic

Charlotte’s Web (Hardcover)

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One of the top 100 best-loved books of all time, “Charlotte’s Web” tells the story of Wilbur the pig, Charlotte the spider and a little girl named Fern. They form an unlikely friendship in Zuckerman’s barn. Wilbur just wants a friend, and Fern saved his life when he was just a little runt of a piglet. This story deals with friendship, life, love and death in a way that kids understand, and it is a story for the ages. This award-winning book will tug the heartstrings of children and parents alike. Since it is recommended for kids from 8 to 12 years old, this selection is one you’ll likely have to read with your little one.

Expert Commentary

“One of my favorite things about 6-year-olds is the amazing pace of growth in their reading abilities in this formative year. As a caregiver or parent, be prepared for your child’s ‘favorite’ book to shift every few weeks. Budget for multiple book purchases during this year to keep your child engaged.”

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