Best Board Games for Pre-teens

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This game is sure to be a hit with tweens with its goofy humor. It contains kid-friendly “potty humor” but enough adult-oriented innuendos to make this a fun game for everyone.

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Double Ditto involves quickly writing down the first two things that come to mind after hearing a prompt. To score points, you find players who have written down the same answer as you. This is a great game for four or more players 10 and older.

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This board game for preteens has a quick gameplay of just 45 minutes and can be played by two to four players at once. Use your character’s special skills to find a cure — and fast!

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To win this board game for preteens, place five chips in a row. This is also a great way to reinforce STEM learning since players need to use strategy and critical thinking to win the game.

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This board game for preteens comes with dice and five armies. You can choose four gameplay modes: secret mission, classic, Risk for two players and Capital.

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Ticket to Ride is a board game for preteens with a relatively quick 60-minute gameplay that can be played by two to five players. To win the game, complete a full route across the country.

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The Stratego board game for preteens comes with pawns that don’t need stickers to be applied to them. It’s also a great game for family night as parents get to walk down memory lane.

Expert Commentary

Finding age-appropriate board games is a challenge as kids grow up so quickly and become bored with less-challenging games. Here are the best games for your preteen who has outgrown childhood games and is looking for the next step toward adult games. These are more advanced than the simpler games, yet appropriate for the teen years to build upon memory, strategy and thinking. Have these for your next family game night!