Best Board Games for Kids

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A fantastic game for two to four players, Trouble was designed to be a simple yet fun and fast-paced game for kids 5 and up.

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Candy Land is made for children 3 and up. Draw a card and match its color to the nearest square of the same color as you make your way through various sweets-themed lands to the Candy Castle.

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This classic board game for kids is best for children who are ages 8 and older so that they can grasp the concept of the game and engage with it to have more fun.

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The rules of this classic board game for kids have adapted over the years and now include adopting pets as one of the many surprising twists and turns your life path can take.

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We like that this is one of the few board games for kids that’s won the Teacher’s Choice Award. Kids are given two letters and must build words out of them before the clock runs out.

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This interactive board game for kids gets even more challenging as the playing board moves, changing the path and creating new obstacles with every turn.

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Two to four children can play as their favorite football team with this board game for kids. You can make offensive and defensive calls as well as play with special teams.

Expert Commentary

Board games are a tried-and-true staple for household members of all ages. These options vary in terms of interest from strategy to words to sports. Have one of each as every game brings a different fun challenge to the table (literally!). Make sure you stock up on these for your next family gathering.