Best Blank Flashcards

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One thousand blank flashcards are plenty for one classroom. These cards are made of thick paper that is suitable for any type of assignment or project. They measure 3 inches by 5 inches and are a bright white that makes it easy to see any color of pen, pencil or marker.

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This is a pack of 1,000 blank white flashcards. Each card measures 3 inches by 5 inches. The cards are made of 11-point paper that is thick and sturdy so it won’t easily rip. You can use markers, pens or pencils on these flashcards without worrying about ink bleeding through. The paper texture is smooth, which allows for easy writing.

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This PACON Blank Flash Card Dispenser Box is a terrific option for any teacher or parent looking to stock up. The five different color options — light pink, dark pink, yellow, blue and green — make this pack a great option for organizing your cards, as it allows for color-coding.

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These Koogel Multicolor Binder Ring Study Cards are great for students as well as teachers, since they are very portable. The small books each contain 50 flashcards for a total of 300 cards in the entire set. Each book is a different color, with the set containing pink, yellow, blue, purple, orange and green cards. The cards themselves are thick enough to ensure that not even marker will bleed through. The binder rings on the books can be used to hang them up on your desk or bulletin board for easy storage.

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These LotFancy Blank Playing Cards can be used in numerous ways, whether you want to help children learn new spelling words, run through math drills or develop a card game. They have a matte finish that makes them easy to write on with different types of writing instruments, including pens, pencils, markers and crayons. The cards measure 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

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With these Star Right Blank Flash Cards, organizing is a breeze. The cards feature hole-punched corners and come with five metal binder rings so it is easy to put together groups of cards as needed. The cards have a nice finish, are incredibly sturdy and will not smear when written on with pen or markers.

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Debra Dale DesignsLightweight Flash Cards are perfect for taking notes or studying. The five different pastel colors — purple, green, yellow, blue and orange — make it easy to color-code your notes. These cards are a smaller and more lightweight option than other cards on the market. Both sides of each card are uncoated and easily able to accept ink.

Expert Commentary

“Flashcards are one of the quickest, most fun ways to learn. Not only are they great for children but also for adults — I continue to use flashcards to this day as learning is a big part of our household! The varieties offered here range in size, portability and design so you can find one right for your family. Just make sure you have a box or organization mode so loose flashcards don’t get lost!”