Best Bilingual Books for Kids

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This book is an iconic children’s book with wonderful illustrations by Eric Carle. Kids will love the dynamic pictures and fun story. The English and Spanish text is on all pages, side-by-side, so readers can learn either and compare the two. This book is 24 pages long and best for young readers.

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This story, written by P. D. Eastman, author of “Go, Dog, Go!” introduces concepts like opposites, colors and size to children in a fun way. Best friends Ted and Fred are dogs, but one is big and one is small. This book is 32 pages long and has illustrations and Spanish and English text on every page, making it easy for all learners to follow the story and compare text. It is recommended for readers 3 to 7 years old.

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In “Quiero a Mi Mama Porque,” children get to explore page after page of baby animals spending time with their mothers and learn the many reasons the animals love their parents. The book is beautifully illustrated with engaging pictures of otters, kangaroos and other adorable animals that are sure to delight children. The writing is simple, with succinct Spanish phrases and English translations that are easy for children to understand and are great for helping them learn basic Spanish. This book is recommended for children ages 1 to 3 years old.

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The Disney Princess Reading Book Set is the perfect option for any young Disney fan. It continues the stories of the Disney princesses with text in Spanish and English side by side on the page. Children can read both and learn new language skills. The illustrations are beautifully done and feature all the classic characters from the original Disney films. As an added bonus, the books come with more than 100 Disney Princess stickers for children to play with. This book set is recommended for children ages 2 and older.

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Anyone who has ever read the Dr. Seuss classic “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” knows just how beneficial it can be for teaching basic color recognition and counting skills to young children. “Un Pez Dos Peces Pez Rojo Pez Azul,” the Spanish-language version of the book, is just as beneficial, especially for children already familiar with the original. Children can go on a journey of counting fish and naming their colors, only this time they will be doing it en Español. This book is recommended for children ages 3 to 7 years old.

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In “Counting With – Contando Con Frida,” children have the opportunity to learn how to count from one to 10 in Spanish while also getting an introduction to one of Mexico’s most iconic painters. This wonderfully illustrated book features a cartoon Frida Kahlo, who acts as the reader’s guide on their journey as they count their way from una casa azul to cinco retratos. The colors in the book are vibrant, which helps to keep children engaged as they make their way from the first to the last page. This book is recommended for children up to age 4.

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Every dad will love spending time with their little one while reading “Quiero a Mi Papa Porque.” The book features numerous adorable animal illustrations of babies spending time with their fathers. Spanish phrases discuss the many ways dads and their children spend time together, and translations of the text appear in English on each page as well, making this a great way to learn new Spanish vocabulary and grammar. The book is recommended for children ages 1 to 3.

Expert Commentary

“I love these classic stories that are offered in both English and Spanish. It’s important to me that my kids learn more than one language for their cognitive development and cultural enrichment. These are fun classics that your child will read over and over again — and now you can add the extra challenge of reading it in two languages!”