Best Bento Box For Kids

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This two-pack of bento boxes is perfect for school lunches. Six compartments of varying sizes allow for different foods to be packed, and each compartment is lined so that its contents won’t leak or spill throughout the box. The set includes two bento boxes — one pink and one blue — and each box comes with a reusable spoon and fork. The boxes are microwave-safe but hand-washing is recommended to maintain the tight seals.

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If your toddler is picky about different foods touching, a bento box is a great way to pack their lunch. With five compartments, there is plenty of space to pack their favorite foods in a well-portioned manner. A stainless steel fork and spoon, which clip into place on the interior lid of the box, are also included. The box is dishwasher-safe and sturdy, yet easy for little ones to open. A handle on the top of the box allows children to easily carry it around.

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The five-section compartment tray of the Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch Box is completely removable. This makes it easy to pull out the tray in order to reheat food in the microwave or to toss it into the dishwasher. The entire bento box is covered with heavy-duty rubber trim, so it easily withstands any bumps or bangs as kids carry it around. Additionally, it does not have issues with leaking. This bento box is recommended for children ages 3 to 7.

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Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers are a convenient option that can be used for every step of the cooking process from prepping meals to heating them up in the microwave or oven to eating them and eventually storing them in the fridge. The three containers in the set are stackable for easy storage. The lids lock tight, preventing any leakage. The strong glass is easy to wash once the containers have been emptied.

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These Caleb Company Bento Lunch Boxes feature three removable compartments, one large and two small. Users can elect to use all, some or none of these compartments for optimal portioning. The silicone lid is airtight and helps prevent any spills. The materials of this bento box can withstand extreme temperatures between -4F and 248F without issues such as warping, shattering, chipping or cracking.

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The Original Japanese Bento Box from Grub2Go is a classic option. Among its many features are the air vents in its lids, which help to regulate the temperature inside the container. With its dual-layer system, you can use one or both of the containers at once, keeping them bound together with the included elastic band. The box helps keep food warm until kids are ready to eat at lunchtime with no reheating required.

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The BentoHeaven Bento Box Bundle is a traditional take on the bento box that any child will be sure to love. The reusable containers are easy to keep clean and incredibly durable. With a capacity of 20 fluid ounces in each container, they also offer up plenty of room for your child’s favorite dishes. As an added bonus, the set comes with cheer-up lunch box notes to add a bit of fun to your child’s lunch.

Expert Commentary

We all know that packaging and presentation matter for kids, especially when it comes to enticing them to eat colorful fruits and vegetables. These fun bento boxes turn any ordinary lunch into a fun, colorful experience. For any parent looking to spice up their child’s lunch, I highly recommend any of the bento box selections above. Eating healthier couldn’t be more fun!