Best Bed Light

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This lamp is USB-powered, so it can be plugged into any USB port from a standard adapter to a laptop. The remote buttons on the cord make this lamp easy to control as you toggle back between brightness and white, warm-white or warm light.

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This lamp has three brightness modes and uses 16 LED lights for optimal lighting. The lights won’t flicker or hurt your eyes, and the gooseneck design lets you angle the light anywhere.

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The clip for the LEPOWER Clip-on Light easily attaches to tables, beds or headboards for lighting anywhere it’s needed. The illumination it provides is easy on the eyes and the different brightness levels and color temperatures can help reduce fatigue even further.

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The EYOCEAN LED Reading Light is able to cover a large area with its rectangular design. The color temperatures include warm, natural and cold whites which, when combined with 11 brightness settings, make it easy to find the most comfortable lighting for any situation. Its high-grade construction keeps it from heating up, even with extended use.

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The PERFECTDAY USB Book Light stands out for its small design; it can easily be folded and fit into a backpack or purse for on-the-go lighting. As a bed light, it is bright while still being comfortable to use as it features a blue light filter to protect the eyes.

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The Wellnest Rechargeable Clip-On Reading Light is incredibly flexible, as its neck can be adjusted a full 360 degrees. The clip of this bed light doubles as a stand so it can be placed on a desk or other flat surface as well. The touch controls make switching between settings a simple process.

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The Alldio Reading Light easily mounts to the wall with just a couple of screws so it can be placed next to a bed or desk. The light has a narrow beam that can be focused on specific areas. Additionally, the body of the lamp is made of aluminum, which dissipates heat and keeps it from becoming too warm.

Expert Commentary

These slick, slim reading and bed lights are very handy and practical to use not only in your bed, but also to bring with you when traveling. They take up very little space and are great for those looking for single reader lights.