Best Bed Lamp

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This lamp from GKCI is battery-operated and charged via USB, so it can be moved anywhere. The remote control can change the color and brightness, but the lamp is also touch-activated, so it can be powered on and off and dimmed or brightened with the touch of a finger. There are five brightness intervals, from 20% to 100% power, making this lamp a nice night light option when on the low setting.

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This clip light is perfectly portable. Children can move it from their desk to their nightstand so they always have a bit of light. There are four lighting settings — warm light, white light, dim and bright— that are great for adding varying levels of light based on the other lighting in the room. Some find bright white light to be painful on the eyes, so it is nice to have a dim warm light option available.

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These table lamps are incredibly stylish, and the neutral beige tones of the linen shades help them fit into any space. They aren’t too large and, at five inches in width, easily fit onto a bedside table as a great bed lamp option. The cord has a length of 8 feet so the lamps can be placed where needed without having to worry about where the nearest outlet is located.

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The Limelights lamp is simple in design, which means it can fit with many different types of decor. The fabric shade is available in multiple color options from basic black or white to a lovely aqua, teal or even purple. One of the many things that stand out about this option is the power outlet on the base that can be used to charge a phone or other devices as needed.

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This bedside lamp easily switches on and off with its touch-activated base. Its relatively small size makes it a great choice for a bedside table or any other area with limited space. However, it is still capable of putting out a decent amount of light.

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The Aooshine bedside lamp is a great size for smaller spaces, being able to fit neatly beside a bed or on a desk. It has a convenient power switch that makes turning the light on and off a simple process.

Expert Commentary

Bed lamps are essential parts of every bedroom, for adults and children alike. Each of these options differs in design, so choose the one that best matches your decor and tastes. I personally love the color options that give ambient light and help you get in the mood for slumber. Others may prefer the more traditional styles that are classic and timeless.



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