Best Beanbags for Classroom Use

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This six-pack of beanbags includes one bag in each color: yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green. They’re a great way to reinforce colors with younger students or use in any other type of activity. The set comes with an activity guide as well. These are recommended for children 3 and up.

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These beanbags are made of durable nylon material and have reinforced stitching along the edges so they last longer and withstand rough play. Each bag is 5 inches square. The set comes in a random assortment of colors, such as orange, purple, green, red or blue.

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These Dondor multicolored beanbags are a great, durable choice for the classroom. Each of the nylon beanbags is reinforced with double-stitching to ensure it can hold up to plenty of use. Playing with these beanbags, which are the perfect size for little hands, is a great way to help children build their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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These Educational Insights shapes beanbags come in eight shapes: a circle, square, pentagon, rectangle, oval, star, triangle and hexagon. Each of the shapes is a different color. Because of this, these beanbags are able to teach shape and color recognition. Teachers can use these beanbags to design a range of games, allowing children to build on different skills. The beanbags are washable as well as lightweight, which makes them incredibly easy for even little hands to handle.

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The Educational Insights colorful beanbags make it even more fun for kids to learn their colors. Each is embroidered with the name of the color that matches the beanbag. This is a great way to begin introducing color-matching as well as basic vocabulary skills to little ones. The set comes with a cloth drawstring bag for easy storage, and the bags are 4 by 4.25 inches.

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With this 16-pack of Prextex beanbags, kids are encouraged to get active. Included in the set are high-quality nylon beanbags in bright colors so that they are easy to spot for games. The beanbags have durable stitching to ensure they can stand up to plenty of use. This set is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

Expert Commentary

“Beanbag toys are fun for kids to throw around and can help them learn colors and shapes. My kids love beanbag toys.”



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