Best Bead Packs

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This bead pack has plenty of variety, as some beads are opaque and others are more transparent. With thousands of beads, you can create necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and more.

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With the beads in this pack, homemade jewelry is bound to look professional. There are 48 different colors so you can make any creation that comes to mind.

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Not only do you get a ton of beads, but this crafting kit comes with three rolls of elastic string you can use to make various pieces of jewelry.

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This set comes with elastic string in addition to its 1,000 letter beads, 300 large hole beads and 200 UV beads that change color when exposed to ultraviolet light.

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This bead pack is ideal for children ages 6 and older. String these beads on yarn, pipe cleaners or elastic string for some colorful creations.

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You’ll get a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes in this 5-pound bag of beads. Children will be delighted with the variety of beads in this box, which can be used for art class or at-home crafting projects.

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In addition to the wide variety of opaque and translucent colors and the fun shapes, this kit also comes with 570 letter beads. There is also a carrying case to keep those beads organized between uses. Finally, this kit comes with over 654 feet of elastic string.

Expert Commentary

It’s common for children to grow up with beads in their households and classrooms! These particular variety packs are great for both their value and their material. You can use these beads on strings and pipe cleaners or glue them on paper or sticks. You can use letter beads to further personalize your projects. Your imagination is the limit! From jewelry to crafts to educational games, beads are bound to create endless hours of fun.