Best Bath Crayons And Bath Markers

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This pack of Munchkin bath crayons comes with 10 crayons in five colors: red, orange, blue, green and yellow. They easily draw on slick surfaces like bathtubs or shower walls and won’t leave behind any residual color.

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Honeysticks are perfect bath crayons for little kids as they have a thick diameter and longer length. The set includes seven fun colors that write well on bathtub and shower walls but wipe away in an instant with some water.

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Fans of the Baby Shark song will enjoy do-do-doodling brightly colored ocean critters on the bathtub walls when they get their hands on the paints and crayons in this set. Don’t sweat it, parents — everything washes away. Because of the small parts in this kit, it’s recommended for children age 3 and older.

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Lezbe’s washable crayons are made for silky-smooth coloring, in or out of the bathtub. The twistable design of the crayon cases makes them harder for kids to break, and they are conveniently stored in the canister they come in, making clean-up even easier.

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As you would expect from Crayola, these bath markers and crayons are nontoxic and wash away easily with a little soap and water. The crayons and markers can also write on mirrors.

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This reasonably-priced set is a good way to test the waters with a child who hasn’t tried bath crayons yet. Kids’ artwork will wash off easily, and each crayon comes in a plastic holder to make it easier for children to grip them.

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Creative kids will love that this kit is a vibrant 24-piece set that comes with crayons and holders for a better grip in the bath. Drying them in the mesh bag after bath time will help the set last longer.

Expert Commentary

Any parent knows how toddlers love coloring on everything and anything. They also hate baths, so bath crayons and markers are ingenious inventions! They wash off, are safe for use in the bath, and are easy to grip. These made bath time so much more fun for me and my child — my mom says she wishes these were around when I was a baby!