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Best Alphabet Games and Puzzles


There are many activities that can help children learn the alphabet and the best ones allow kids to manipulate the letters to learn key aspects of spelling. Activities like these make long-lasting connections between the sensory and memory parts of a child’s brain.This is how retention is gained, and games and puzzles are an excellent and fun way to accomplish this goal.

The following selections offer youngsters the challenge of discovering the correct ways to form words from letters and sounds and will help them with letter and sound recognition. Completing and repeating these kid-friendly puzzles will likely also help their confidence as they work toward new skills.

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Sesame Street Elmo’s On The Go Letters (Accessory)

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Children will appreciate the familiar “Sesame Street” characters in this puzzle helping them learn the shape of each letter in the alphabet along with its sound. As they advance, they can begin to recognize the starting sounds for simple words and the corresponding pictures. Snapping the letter into place can also help with their fine motor skills. This is a must-have for preschoolers, and is recommended for children ages 2 to 4.

Children ages 3 and up will love this brightly colored puzzle. Finding the right space for each letter is thrilling. Along with teaching the alphabet, this can help improve their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and spatial awareness. This puzzle has been a preschooler favorite for years.

The Learning Journey: Match It! puzzle set is perfect for preschoolers over 4 years old. It helps them to learn uppercase and lowercase letters along with their corresponding sounds. This activity is ideal for any child learning the alphabet and builds confidence in early reading skills. Children will also improve their focus and motor skills. As a bonus, each puzzle is self-correcting, meaning the pieces will only fit if the answer is correct, which ensures the player is learning.

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Fun-to-Know® Puzzles: Uppercase & Lowercase Alphabet (Toy)

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This Fun-to-Know Puzzle set offers dual learning for young children. There are 26 puzzles on one side and an additional 26 puzzles on the opposite sides. The first side helps students learn to recognize letters in both uppercase and lowercase, while the other side provides beginning reading practice. Children are able to work independently with the self-correcting design of these puzzles. This assists in building the assurance they need moving forward with more challenging exercises and is recommended for children ages 3 to 7.

This puzzle game offers a fun way for children to learn early reading skills. They can begin with three-letter words and move up to four-letter words when they’re ready. This helps with reading, spelling and vocabulary. The words and the matching picture can only be put together with the correct pieces. This offers a self-correcting means of completing each puzzle. Children will be amazed and proud as they advance to more difficult words. This is a must-have for every child over age 4.

Expert Commentary

“Puzzles and games that focus on the alphabet can help young children engage with and embrace how letters form words. If possible, avoid making the game or puzzle a task; instead, make it a fun game and watch for even better results to follow.”

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