Best Activity Wall Calendars

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This calendar includes colorful month cards, years up to 2023, weekday cards, numbers and a variety of special event cards. There are full and abbreviated cards for months and weekdays, and the special event cards have blank number spaces so you can write the date with a dry erase marker. Special events include field trips, birthdays and holidays such as Memorial Day or Father’s Day. Some holiday cards have a fixed date, such as Christmas or Cinco de Mayo. This chart has three metal grommets or a magnetic strip at the top for easy hanging anywhere in the classroom.

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This calendar comes with 300 stickers that are supposed to be used to complete the scene for each month. The text and illustrations are brightly colored and whimsical, perfect for adding a touch of fun to your home or classroom. The dates include major holidays, as well as fun ones, such as National Hugging Day or Positive Thinking Day. This is a great calendar for children 3 and up.

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With almost 80 different magnets, this activity calendar helps kids get familiar with the activities that lie ahead of them each day, and it also teaches kids about the months of the year and seasonal weather patterns. The calendar includes space to display the date, month, year weather, and daily activities, plus a clock that shows when naptime is. The calendar comes with a dry-erase marker to customize some of the magnets. The durable materials mean this calendar can be used for several years as your child becomes more comfortable with the different aspects of using a calendar. Recommended for children over 3.

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This activity wall calendar teaches children ages 3-7 how to organize their schedules for the upcoming week. It features two dry-erase boards with one calendar template. The second board is blank and can be used for storing the 80 included magnets. This activity calendar is designed to encourage family communication about upcoming events and activities and increase awareness of days and dates. Children can also add emotions using the face magnets, giving them an easy way to express their feelings.

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This wall calendar includes 100 bonus stickers that children can add to specific events, activities and holidays. Each month includes a different activity such as a crossword puzzle or word search. Children ages 7 and up will enjoy connecting the dots, unscrambling words, matching animals with their homes and solving mysteries. The colorful graphics are appealing to little ones and help keep their attention. The paper is sturdy, thick and does not tear or bend easily.

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This wall calendar teaches children about the seasons with an illustrated, interactive chart that comes with double-sided, full-color cards. Pictures are included for the different seasons to help kids learn how the weather changes throughout the year. The double-sided cards are easy for little hands to place in the clear pockets. The calendar is large enough to use in a classroom or homeschool setting. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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This 55-piece magnetic calendar has a minimalist layout, making it easy for kids to learn without becoming overwhelmed. It features a colorful background landscape with trees and a rainbow. Each day of the week has a unique color shade. At the top of the calendar, kids can review what the current date is and change it out easily. The strong force of the magnets allows them to stay on the calendar without moving or falling off. The string at the top of the calendar makes it easy to hang with a single nail or pushpin. Additional magnets with weather symbols and images are included. Recommended for children ages 5 and up.

Expert Commentary

“Similar to a traditional wall calendar, activity calendars are specifically designed with the learning needs of children in mind. The visual nature and ability to quickly adjust the information on the calendars make it easy for children to recognize months and days, as well as other aspects of day-to-day life.”