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Best Activity Books for 2- to 3-Year-Olds

The ever-curious toddler always seems to be asking “why?” That’s because 2- and 3-year-old brains are busy connecting more neurons during this time than at almost any other time in their lives. This makes it an ideal time to introduce the building blocks of a strong educational foundation, and starting early through activity books is an ideal way to do this. The following books provide practice in following visual instructions and help develop fine motor skills, finger dexterity and more. The activities within introduce new concepts and allow youngsters to discover and perfect new skills. Once kids complete them, they’ll be proud when they see their accomplishments, too. This is important for strengthening their confidence as new challenges emerge. Activity books also encourage time spent together with parents, which allows adults to provide support in areas their child may be struggling with.

This activity lets 2- and 3-year-olds uncover something new in each delightfully-themed scene. Along the way, help dress a cute plush doll in a variety of outfits for different events. The text in “What Should I Wear?” is easy to follow in order to hold toddlers’ attention. They will love to practice getting dressed with their cuddly newfound friend.

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Wipe Clean: Early Learning Activity Book (Wipe Clean Early Learning Activity Books) (Spiral-bound)

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There are many skills for tots to practice in this “Wipe Clean Early Learning Activity Book” from Roger Priddy. You’ll find lessons in drawing, counting, telling time and writing. Tracing letters and numbers allows children to hone their fine motor skills as well. This book is an excellent choice that will keep little ones busy while they learn.

“The Big Book of Letter Tracing Practice for Toddlers” does more than just help kids recognize their letters. Children can also learn about numbers and shapes while building their writing muscles. The concise instructions offer a unique strategy for beginning handwriting skills, encouraging kids to touch and feel how each figure is formed. This is a wonderful way for young children to start learning letters, numbers and shapes.

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Preschool Color & Activity Book (Color and Activity Books) (Paperback)

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“The Preschool Color and Activity Book” by Roger Priddy provides simple activities that are engaging to toddlers. There are matching games and puzzle games, along with creative activities like completing a silly face. The cheerful color themes used throughout will keep children engaged.

“I Spy – Animals: A Fun Guessing Game” is one every preschooler should have on their shelf at home. It provides a fun and captivating way for children to learn the alphabet, along with the sounds that each letter makes. Kids love animals and this book is full of them. This is a wonderful way to teach kids about letters.

Expert Commentary

“One important part of selecting activity books for very young children is visual aids. Letting the child see images connected with words that you speak is a way to increase the learning and impact from these activity books. As much as possible, I recommend personalizing the activities to fit the interests of each child.”

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