Best 3-Hole Folders

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This eight-pack of folders is perfect for binders. The folders fit in standard three-ring binders, allowing you to organize your binder even more. They come in four colors — purple, blue, green and yellow — and are made from a durable poly material that is waterproof. Papers will stay protected from water, dust and dirt, and the folders can be easily cleaned and even wiped down if needed.

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Binders are great, but some prefer folders because they’re slimmer and easier to carry around. These folders with prongs are a great alternative to using a binder because you can easily organize three-hole punched papers. These plastic folders are water-resistant and have two pockets, a card slot and three prongs that allow for optimal organization. This pack includes blue, pink, yellow and teal folders.

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WOT I Heavy Duty 2 Pocket Plastic Folders come in a pack of six featuring assorted colors: red, green, orange, pink, blue and purple. The heavy-duty plastic of these folders helps to ensure they do not easily become worn or break down, even with consistent use. Each folder has two pockets that can hold up to 30 additional pieces of paper. They are three-hole punched so they can easily be stored in a favorite binder as well.

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These JAM PAPER Heavy Duty Plastic 3 Hole Punch School Folders are a sturdy option made of a durable material that helps them resist tearing and ensures they are able to withstand damage. Each folder features two pockets that can hold plenty of paper, and as a bonus, the folders also come with slots for a business card on each side. The standard set of six folders features an assortment of colors including red, violet, blue, green, yellow and orange. However, other color options are also available, so you can easily choose the folder set that meets your needs.

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AmazonBasics Plastic 3 Hole Punch Folders with 2 Pockets are a high-quality option that will last a long time, even with plenty of use. They feature six colors — purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red — making them great for organizing all of your important papers. The heavy-duty plastic covers of these folders make them great for protecting paperwork as well. Each folder features two pockets that can hold a large number of papers and three holes so they can fit neatly into a three-hole binder.

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These Five Star Four-Pocket Folders are the perfect choice for anybody who needs a little bit more organization when it comes to their schoolwork, home or office. Each folder in this six-pack features four pockets with two horizontal pockets and two vertical pockets that provide plenty of support to help keep papers in place. The folders have helpful information printed inside, including the periodic table of elements, rulers and conversion charts, making them great for students. Each folder is three-hole punched so it can easily be fit into a binder.

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The STEMSFX Heavy Duty Plastic 2-Pocket Folder set features strong and sturdy plastic that helps protect the papers inside. Each folder includes two pockets on the front and back inside covers that can hold up to 100 pieces of paper. The folders resist tearing and can be easily wiped clean when needed. Each pack contains a red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple folder, making it easier to keep materials organized. The folders feature three holes so they can easily fit into a three-hole binder.

Expert Commentary

“Folders to fit inside binders are genius inventions! They are a must for kids using three-ring binders so they can organize all their school work in one place. These durable options are sturdy and built to last through at least a semester or school year. I love the colors and different materials to choose from.”