Banish Desktop Clutter with These File Sorters

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There are five slots in this organizer and the dividers have rounded tops. The file sorter is made of heavy-duty steel to keep the bottom in place and the dividers are coated to resist rusting, chipping and breaking.

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With 2 inches per slot, there is plenty of space to organize larger documents and store binders. The organizer requires minimal assembly and is available in silver or black.

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This file sorter features the classic black mesh design, which can blend in seamlessly with other mesh office storage solutions.

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The Business Source file sorter can accommodate an array of materials from reusable portfolios to papers, homework to art projects. This sorter measures 8.78 inches long by 5.55 inches wide.

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Another benefit of this angled file sorter is that you can easily see all of your files — even the ones all the way in the back. This pick also comes with protective feet that won’t scratch surfaces.

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This five-section file sorter measures 12.8 inches wide, 8.3 inches long and 6.7 inches high. The low profile mesh wire design makes it easy to organize a variety of items, from notebooks to folders and binders.

Expert Commentary

Thanks to file sorters, important printed materials can remain accessible without being an eyesore. The multiple wide-spaced compartments of these organizers can help you group related papers, homework assignments or publications. They’ll also look good on any workstation with their straightforward designs.